Saturday, March 12, 2011

On presence

"Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its trouble, It empties today of its strength."

worrying empties one's ability to be present, in the one. my mind fixed on future, with no productive promise for the moment, why do we do it? why does a human animal have a propensity towards worrying?

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rahul said...

Excessive worrying is a left over disease of the mind, part of that monkey brain we refuse to let go of. And being aware, in the moment, we've all experienced amazing serenity when the situation was overwhelming. So in other words, when the time to worry really comes, all of a sudden, we will find ourselves walking through that wall of worry and realize that the fear of the *thing* happening was worse than the *thing* itself. So I suggest (in a friendly manner) free tools to battle excess worrying: yoga, meditation, dancing, singing, showering, cleaning dishes, phoning a friend, writing a journal, or just *smile* and L0L ~LOL~ l0L hahahahahah. Laugh it out! (And of course my favorite antidote... Tweeting!)