Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My new job

Sometimes there is an upside to flight delays.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Old world beauty solutions

at "Old World" prices, aka "I get all my beauty secrets/tips from my younger sister 10 years my junior." And I wanted to share my natural beauty product discovery with my online family: using Rose Water sold at Middle Eastern markets as a post-face wash toner. High end brands like Kiehl's will try to market the low-cost natural remedies as skincare delicacies by adding pretty packaging and rose petals in order to justify boosting the price. This one from Kiehl's sells for $16 (ignore the link polyvore forcibly added as part of me using the website image for the product). But...
Kiehl's Rosewater Facial Freshener and Toner - Toners -...

Kiehl's Rosewater Facial Freshener and Toner - Toners -... (clipped to

You can get the same version from Sadaf at either your local market's "ethnic food" section, a Middle Eastern grocery store or your mama and baba's food cabinet for $2.50 (obviously the last option would be even less).