Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things that make me happy (Part I)

Kids that maintain a vivid imagination marked by precocity-one that does not let the visual cacophony of our everyday lives encroach on its boundaries. I was reminded of such gloriousness when I stumbled upon a short story written by my youngest brother at age 7, BVG (before video games):

Once upon a time there was a snake named Dalegman meaning “one with two legs”. Dalegman was hated among his snake tribe, he was an exile. The reason of his exile was because he had a birth defect that made him grow 2 legs. Dalegman thought that the other snakes were jealous of him having 2 legs. Dalegman lived on his own ever since he was exiled from his tribe. He hunted, fought his own battles, built his own snake burrows, and gathered his own resources. He had the ability to survive and he learned to be clever and sly. He now realized over 7 years why he was exiled when he had found the snake sanctuary’s special writings, the writing states: “…Snakes who are two legged due to the fact that the first snake was different and two legged tried to change us all but failed….” Dalegman would show the tribe that two legged should be respected as others should be to. He was planning an invasion against the tribe. One year later Dalegman appears among the village hills with an army of other snakes from other parts of Snaky-Planet. Dalegman charged forth killing no one but showing how indignant he was because he was an exile. After the invasion, Dalegman convinces the tribe about respecting not only others but different types of snakes. Soon Dalegman is promoted to King Snake and makes sure no one hates one another because al snake has two legs.

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